Jan. 27, 2021

Scoopdeedoo #7- This Blows

Scoopdeedoo #7- This Blows

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Welcome to Scoopdeedoo! The concept of Scoopdeedoo is simple. We scour the internet for the funniest news we found for the month, and we talk about it in your typical The Dumb, Found Dead Podcast fashion. We also encourage all our listeners to send in their stories and we're more than happy to feature you.

We already got you with 2 bonus episodes this 2021? Sheesh. This week we got you stories from a daring couple, an imitating puppy, a guy who forgot probably the most important password of his life, and John is even attempting to tell a story with another language!  We got you covered on the scoop on the stoooop-id news. Hang out with us!

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