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So good!

Just found this podcast! So glad I did! Not only is it funny but wow, such interesting content! Keep it up:)

Nagbabagang Nakakapagpabagabag na mga Balita

I've been a silent listener of this show since last year. And there's never been a dull moment. John and Patrick are your typical "brothers" who always compete with one another (in this case, for the Episode Title), somewhat bully each other, but man, listener's can freally feel the love betwee these two guys. Continue on growing (like that cupcake "titi") and I, along with my fellow silent listeners, will always be here to support and cheer you on. Kudos! 😁


You guys are so funny !! I’ll be laughing so hard at work that my coworker will look at me like I’m crazy.. keep up the good laugh you guys are soo AWESOME!! I’ll give you guys 100 stars if I can!!

The Best

There is little more hilarious than hearing about Darwin Award recipients. John and Patrick do a great job of telling the stories of these people, always on a theme. They have fantastic chemistry together. They are, as they say, terrible people and their puns are awful. And I mean that in the best way possible. They're hilarious and fun to listen to. This podcast is definitely a favorite, and as soon as I catch up, they'll be on my weekly rotation to listen to. It's a must listen!

Must listen

Who knew that death upon this could be so fascinating and hilarious they did this podcast is a must listen

Awesome and so many LOLs

I love listening them during my work hours because my work is very mundane and they make my hours go by fast. They are hilarious to the max. I am always laughing so hard listening to these guys. I’m actually not supposed to having any type of device with me at work, but I’m that stubborn type, and so when people see me laughing, they think I’ve gone crazy, they don’t know I’m listening to this podcast. They’re puns are my favorite. I’m all about the puns. Come for the dead, stay for puns. 5 stars all the way.

Listen to the show!!!

I don’t typically write reviews after only listening to one episode, hell, I’m still listening to the first episode, but this is a great show!! The hosts are besties, and their chemistry is insane!! Their puns are hilarious, the stories are interesting, and the energy is high the entire episode. I’ve had this show in my podcast library for about month, and I’m sad it took me so long to finally listen.

Brotherhood Mom

Not being biased being the mother of one of the hosts, but these two, established a very good rapport to the point of having mutual attentiveness and interest on what the other host is saying.Their kind of friendship can withstand the test of time coz they’re not just friends but brothers as they call it. John ( geez, not used to it by that name lol) made sure that Patrick felt comfortable on the first episode that he did good and as they say, the rest is history coz Patrick was able to get out from his comfort zone. Good job to you both and just so proud of you two❤️❤️Hoping for more downloads, nominations and sponsors 👌👏🙏


Love the content, a lot of comedic relief too, I enjoyed the question “is cereal a soup” I’ve had this same question and I think yes it is. But you have to consider it as a dessert soup. Not a dinner soup 😆. Awesome show. Gonna have to check out the rest of them as well. 5/5 would recommend! 🔥🔥 -dmoney (AEUTS)


I really enjoyed the chemistry with these bros hahhhaha. I know this will be my go to listen to on my way to work so I can have a good laugh . Keep it up bros looking forward to hearing more lol ✌🏼❣️~Lydia

They so punny

If you’re looking for a good laugh and good stories from these two bros, you came to the right place. These two guys have the best dad puns, without being dads yet haha. I’ve known these guys for about 11 or 12 years now and it feels like I’m sitting around the hookah and drinking Henny with them. Spread the word so the world can listen to these genuine guys 🤙🏽

So packing panny

Hilarious podcast by two amazing hosts! A Great listen for your commute to and from work! Will definitely will keep you laughing and entertained! There’s never a dull moment! Can’t wait for more episodes my guys! Keep it up! 5 stars all around!

Great Show!!

This show is great!! It's really funny and the guys have a great chemistry that makes you feel like you are hanging with your buddies. Not to mention the puns...oh the yourself a favor and choo choose to listen!!!

Great job guys!

Love it! Super interesting and fun to listen to!

They’re puntastic!

Omg these guys are insanely hilarious. They have so much chemistry and you can tell they’re having a blast making this podcast. My favorite part is how they remind me of hanging out with the boys and the conversations we’d have. Shoutout to you guys for being involved in your community and always plugging local businesses. Definitely would recommend 10/10!

Genuine, funny guys

These guys come across as truly genuine, friendly dudes, who get real joy out of their show and each other. The weird death stories are funny - I did feel a LITTLE bad laughing, but that didn’t last long. This show is definitely going onto my subscribed list. Can’t wait to hear more!


John and Patrick have such great chemistry and are clearly having a blast doing this show! They’re so funny and I can’t believe that half the stories they talk about are true BUT THEY ARE. Definitely subscribe and add this show to your day whenever you need a laugh! ~Melanie, MoS

Crispy Podcast

If you want to bring some laughter and smiles to your day, please listen to this podcast. Hell, it’ll make you wanna take a shot of Henny at the beginning each episode.

High quality!

This is high quality and good effort! Love it. -The Kane & Kohlway Show

Hilariously funny!!

If you like true crime but really want to take a break and have some comedy along with some of the funniest puns I’ve ever heard, this is the podcast to listen to.

First off, I love love love the name

This is gold. Funny, great chemistry, good conversation and great laughs.

Awesome show!

Hella funny good chemistry. Perfect for quick car rides or overall just to have a good time and listen to some great convos

Pun masters

If you wanna here about some foos getting clapped by the grim reaper and have a laugh while your at it this is the place to be! These guys are hilarious. Love the vibe and energy these two bring. You won’t regret it! Give it a shot

So punny 🥁

There’s a lot of podcasts out there that are structured to the point where it sounds so robotic it’s hard to stay awake and listen. On the other side of that spectrum, there are some that are very unorganized to the point that you don’t even know what you’re listening to anymore. This podcast is that happy medium - organized yet has a natural flow where the hosts easily pull you in to each story. This lighthearted show about the dark topic of death has left me laughing out loud IRL. Can’t wait to listen to future episodes :)

Flawless Launch

These brothers bring chemistry and laughs to a gruesome topic. Definitely excited to hear more from them!


One of the best podcast I have ever listen to

The brosts of the show are, well, punomenal!

Nothing ruins a good comedy podcast more than poor chemistry between hosts, so it’s a good thing that’s not a problem here! The brosts have such a natural connection from their long time bromance that somehow it makes the puns and the jokes hit harder, making you forget that maybe you’re a cruel human being for laughing about the misfortune of someone’s unusual passing 😅

These guys are hilarious!!

I was actual lol-ing the entire time. Not the kind where you just blow heavy through your nostrils. L. O. L. Can’t wait to see where this show goes!

So Punny

OMG, from the moment I started listening I knew this was going to be one of my favorite podcasts. John and Patrick play off each other so well, and cover a variety of cases that prove that we'll never be lacking in Darwin Award winners. If you like to laugh and want something to listen to quick on your commute, during a walk, or whenever, do yourself a favor and subscribe right now.

So fun

OK, I gave this a 5 star review. Now, they TOTALLY deserve it - it's a great podcast, but I'm only writing this to get the shout-out. Seriously, listen to the show - it's great fun


This show is hilarious. Good chemistry between the two hosts and they feed off each other’s energy. The puns are funny as well and I like how each episode has a theme instead of being all over the place. Excited to hear more from these two.

Laugh Until You Cry

If you like True Crime and puns, you cannot afford to miss this show! The hosts have great chemistry and already have a good feel for the show, even though they’re only 2 episodes in. I was laughing so hard at one point that I had to back up the episode a little to hear what I missed 😂. Subscribe today!