March 29, 2021

Episode 31-Deaths from Karma: Mined Blown

Episode 31-Deaths from Karma: Mined Blown

Welcome to The Dumb, Found Dead Podcast. Where 2 good brothers discuss some of the craziest and insane ways people die.  Deaths so strange and borderline comical that it'll leave you dumbfounded. If you're in to Dark comedy, Darwin Awards, and terrible puns, then this podcast is for you!

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This week, we talk about Deaths by Karma. Is this something you believe in? We have stories ranging from a failed bomb making seminar from a terrorist group that we refuse to name, cause you know... reasons. To a guy who stole a cow and met his unfortunate fate, to a not so kind neighbor that met met an explosive end. All that and more so make sure you tune in!

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