March 22, 2021

Deaths in Texas: Donut Try This at Home

Deaths in Texas: Donut Try This at Home

Welcome to The Dumb, Found Dead Podcast. Where 2 good brothers discuss some of the craziest and insane ways people die.  Deaths so strange and borderline comical that it'll leave you dumbfounded. If you're in to Dark comedy, Darwin Awards, and terrible puns, then this podcast is for you!

This episode hits a little bit to home for us. We took the time to discuss some of the recent attacks on the AAPI community. We have decided to speak out and have those uncomfortable conversations. We also decided that all merch sales from our designed logo will go towards

This week, we also talk about John's current home state of Texas and not gonna like him and Patrick couldn't really find any crazy stories, but... the banter is still there. Luckily, our Dummies came in clutch and came up with some questions for us to answer for our Q&A sessions so sit back, be serious for a moment, and laugh again with us.

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