Nov. 9, 2020

Deaths in Amusement Parks: Badum-TSSSS

Deaths in Amusement Parks: Badum-TSSSS

Welcome to Episode 16 and this week, we have something amusing for you! Whale, because it's all about... amusement parks!

We have some funny stories in store for you. Patrick showed his Disneyland fandom and covered multiple stories from the theme park, while John went ahead and covered theme parks all over the US.

This week, we also featured a few trailers from some of our podcast friends:

First up we got Infinite Banter Podcast: A show about Hip Hop, Wrestling, TV, Movies, etc. Feedback, questions, input. Follow them on Twitter at

We also have our friend from Let's Start A Cult Podcast. We did a feature on their show and we had a lot of fun. If you like deep dives on all things cults, check them out. Let him know that John the Messiah sent you. Follow them on Twitter at

Lastly, local feature business spotlight goes to Crack Brisket. MMMMMMM DELICIOUS. Make sure to check them out on for more information. Foreal, I want some right meow.

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