Nov. 30, 2020

Deaths by Magic Tricks: Carma Is A B***h

Deaths by Magic Tricks: Carma Is A B***h

Welcome to Episode 19  and this week, we talk about a topic that mystifies us all: Magic! We got deaths from American magicians disguising themselves as a Chinese guy... to a dentist with a parlor trick that he should've thought about some more. Plus additional stories and our usual nonsense.

We have some fun stories this week including a Dummie sent one from one of our listeners, code name Hanniballs Lecter: oooooooooo mysterious. The story might be crappy, but oh it's real gooooood. Come hang out with us!

This week, we also featured a few trailers from some of our podcast friends:

First up is, Our True Crime podcast. They focus on bizzare, lesser known crime cases from around the globe delivered with respect, a bit of humor and a smidge of song. Check them out at

Next up is Always Time for True Crime. This is a podcast that dives into the lesser known cases of serial killers, murders and missing persons! Hosted by Julia. Check them out at

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