Nov. 16, 2020

Deaths by Dumb Criminals: Krisp Kringle

Deaths by Dumb Criminals: Krisp Kringle

Welcome to Episode 17 and this week, we talk about... well, not so smart people as usual. But this time around, it's  about dumb criminals. Bruh.

We have some fun and we even have a creepy story sent by our friend, Allie. No spoiler alert, but we seriously still can't WRAP our head around it. We got shoplifters, a drug bust gone wrong, to a criminal getting stuck inside a chimney. Come join us!

This week, we also featured a few trailers from some of our podcast friends:

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We also have our friend from Crimeatorium. Murder, scams, abuse, missing persons, cold cases and lesser known cases. Crimeatorium covers all of it, world wide. Madeline is fascinated with true crime and takes a deep dive into each case. Join us, in the place where crime resides. Follow them on Twitter ar and check them out on

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