March 1, 2021

Deaths by Alcohol: Whiskey Business

Deaths by Alcohol: Whiskey Business

Welcome to The Dumb, Found Dead Podcast. Where 2 good brothers discuss some of the craziest and insane ways people die.  Deaths so strange and borderline comical that it'll leave you dumbfounded. If you're in to Dark comedy, Darwin Awards, and terrible puns, then this podcast is for you!

Welcome back to you Dummies and to us as well! We are back from our little hiatus to bring you this banger of an episode.

This week, we're talking alcohol and some of the not so smart decisions that people did with it. From Iron Mike, to someone not bright enough to shoot up a cactus, two buddies playing catch with a rattlesnake, and a guy who just decided to down a bottle of Jack in a dangerous fashion. 

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