May 24, 2021

Dead Talk Vol. 3- Pineapple Pizza Podcast- Sobriety Not In Our Vodkabulary

Dead Talk Vol. 3- Pineapple Pizza Podcast- Sobriety Not In Our Vodkabulary

Welcome to this special edition of The Dumb, Found Dead podcast we like to call: Dead Talk. We’re gonna shake things up a little bit. Your favorite good brothers myself John, and the Daddy: Patrick brings on some guests to talk about their show, their podcast journey, BUT WE’RE ALSO GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN.

Later on this episode, each one of us will tell a story whether personal or found online, and we’ll do our absolute best to make it PUNNY. We all then vote at the very end of the episode, and winner gets to have the honor of having the episode title AND get to spotlight a charity or organization of choice. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce our guests. 2/3 of the amazing hosts from the Pineapple Pizza Podcast, welcome to Dead Talk: Lindsey and Emily!

This week's stories: A daring driver living the fast lane before brunch, an expensive shower that turned to a crime, a vacation worthy of a Hangover movie, a lawyer who was too good at his job, and a movie theater manager who used their resources to their advantage .

Charity chosen: Indian Red Cross:

Follow them on all social media platforms at @pineapppizzapod. Find their show on all major platforms at Pineapple Pizza Podcast (except Stitcher apparently). Here's a handy dandy link

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